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Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky

An Islay malt, Lagavulin has the characteristic rubbery peat, smoke, and seaweed notes. It is not as peaty as Laphroaig, nor quite as salty. It does have a bit more iodine and smoky sweetness. If you're trying to get into Laphroaig, you can use Lagavulin as a stepping stone.



Amber in color. Medium to intense iodine, brine, and herbal aromas. Opens lightly with some glycerine smoothness. Then opens up some with sweet peat, vanilla, dates, and nutty notes. The acidity then perks up with some herbs and baking spice. Fairly long 60 to 90 second finish. Tasted 7/18/2008.

Brand Lagavulin
Country Scotland
Flavors Smoky
Retail Price $70 / 750 ml
Proof 86 (43%)

Flavor Profile

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