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Balvenie Founder's Reserve 10 Year Scotch Whisky

Balvenie Founder's Reserve 10 Year is a great choice for the beginning single malt drinker. It has some similarities with the blended Scotches, and it is light enough to not overwhelm you with peat, spice, and oak. There is also a remarkable floral fruitiness to this Scotch that is very appealing. If you want to sip Scotch in the summertime, this is a good candidate.



Light amber in color. Malt, cake batter, and pine aromas. Light at first, with candied fruit, mild peat, orange peel, and lemon notes. Then gets a little bigger with a light wave of oak, and a warm burn. A dose of acidity leans out the earlier sweet notes. Fairly long finish. An approachable style that works well for those just starting with single malts.  Tasted 2/9/2008.

Brand The Balvenie Distillery Company
Country Scotland
Retail Price $38 / 750 ml
Proof 86 (43%)

Flavor Profile

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