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This site and the contents herein are intended only for audiences of legal drinking age in the country they reside


LiquorAndDrink.com is for responsible adults of drinking age only. It is not intended for minors, or those who are not of drinking age in the country they reside. It is also not intended for those who suffer from alcoholism or are otherwise impaired in this way. If you are under the drinking age where you live, stop now and leave this site immediately.

You assume total responsibility for the effect these drink recipes and ingredients may have on you. These recipes and other information are provided "as is" and are for novelty purposes only.

LiquorAndDrink.com advocates responsible use of drink recipes and other information on this site. If you try the recipes on this site, you are expected to use caution, moderation, and good sense. Drinking alcohol is not a game, and this site does not advocate misuse of alcohol, alcoholism, drinking during pregnancy, drinking and driving, hazing, binge drinking, or any other form of alcohol abuse.

Because information on this site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors, it is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of all opinions, advice, recipes, services, merchandise and other information provided on this site. Information may be changed, deleted, or updated without notice.

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  • NEVER drink and drive. It is just not worth it. Even if you live, you might kill someone, and you'll have to live with that for the rest of your life. Pick a designated driver, use a taxi or public transportation, or just check in to a hotel and sleep it off. Do not get behind the wheel. If you do, you're putting people you don't know and their families in danger by driving a 4000 pound vehicle while impaired.
  • This site is all about the art of mixology and the subtleties of good mixed drinks. It is not about drinking in excess and making a fool (or worse) out of yourself. Proof and strength information are provided so you know if a drink recipe will be too much for you.
  • If you have a drinking problem or think you're an alcoholic, seek professional help.
  • Remember that excessive alcohol consumption will harm your body and in extreme cases is lethal. Chronic, excessive alcohol consumption can result in dehydration, mood swings, insomnia, blackouts, tremors, sweating, liver disease, neurological impairment, and congestive heart failure.