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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch Whisky

Even if Laphroaig usually scares you off, give Laphroaig Quarter Cask Scotch a try. Though it has the characteristic earthy and peat flavors, it is well balanced and not overly heavy. Cut it with a little spring water if you need to.



Very light amber color. An intense nose of rubber, peat, menthol, old socks, damp earth, and wet dog. Opens with a slight caramel/honey sweetness followed by malty green plant and herb notes. Then the peat, brine, and black licorice make a strong but balanced appearance. It ends up with a medium-long finish with a somewhat medicinal burn. You can taste the sea in this whisky--quite remarkable.  Tasted 1/21/2008.

Brand Laphroaig
Country Scotland
Flavors Smoky
Retail Price $58 / 750 ml
Proof 96 (48%)

Flavor Profile

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