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Ron Matusalem Platino Rum

I am a big fan of Matusalem Platino rum.  For a white rum, there is a lot going on in the aromas and the flavor of this solera rum.  There is a distinctively floral nose that has drooling to taste the rum.  Upon tasting you find a very solid flavor profile with some rum sweetness but still definitely a pretty dry rum (so a good balance there).  

Matusalem Platino rum along with a few others that aged their white rums for a few years (Flor de Cana and Havana Club) are at the top of the white rum category.  And thankfully Matusalem Platino is not very expensive making it a good value.



Clear. Flowers in the nose, with a hint of almonds and falernum. Very clean on the palate. A velvety mouth-feel leads to subtle sake and sugarcane note. Yes, I said sake. Ends with a crisp finish that draws out for 30 seconds or so. Very smooth, but with underlying complexity. Nice. Tasted 6/26/2006.

Brand Matusalem & Company
Country Dominican Republic
Retail Price $19 / 750 ml
Proof 80 (40%)

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