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Spearmint Tincture

Spearmint tincture
Spearmint tincture

This is spearmint essential oil in an alcohol suspension.  Spearmint oil by itself has a limited shelf life.  But if you combine it with 160 proof filtered vodka (or any high alcohol base), it stabilizes the oil.  You now have a concentrated spearmint extract that you can use to enhance your drinks or to make mint syrup as you need it.

Spearmint Tincture Recipe

  • 1 sample Eden Botanicals spearmint oil (about 25 drops)
  • 36 mL 160 proof vodka (filtered)

Add spearmint oil to the vodka in a 1 oz amber dropper bottle and agitate.  The vodka is Devil's Springs vodka and I filtered it with a Pur water filter.  The essential oil is from Eden Botanicals available on the Internet.  You can order a "sample" size which is a tiny vial suitable for this recipe.


Flavors Herbal
Proof 160 (80%)

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