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Sans Rival Ouzo

Sans Rival Ouzo is a traditional Greek spirit made from the Corinthian grape.  During distillation, flavoring agents such as anise and fennel are used to flavor the Ouzo.  The result is a rather dry Ouzo that is more concentrated and interesting than other popular brands available in the U.S.

The one thing those other brands have going for them is availability.  You've probably seen the big brands such as Ouzo 12 and Metaxa.  If you are lucky enough to also see Sans Rival Ouzo on the same shelf by all means try it.  I had to resort to ordering off the Internet which can be a pain.  But I find Sans Rival to be worth it.



Fresh, concentrated example of this type of spirit. More complexity than the usual brands with clean anise and other herbal flavors. Worth seeking out but you may have to shop on the Internet.  Tasted 5/5/2012.

Brand Sans Rival
Country Greece
Flavors Herbal
Retail Price $18 / 750 ml
Proof 92 (46%)

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