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Moxie Soda

Moxie Soda is available in New England and Pennsylvania. It has a unique taste that could be described as cola with an herbaceous, bitter, menthol flavor. Almost like they increased the amount of some of the essential oils used to make cola, such as wintergreen.

According to the label, gentian is one of the ingredients in Moxie soda. Gentian is used as a bittering agent in cocktail bitters. I first tried Moxie soda in Maine and liked it immediately. Most other people that tried it for the first time were not too keen on it.

It has been around since 1876 when it was marketed as a tonic to cure all manner of symptoms such as nervousness and sleeplessness. It started in Maine and spread via the soda fountain south and west. During the early 20th Century it became quite popular before falling into decline just before World War II. Of course, on my trip to Maine, my objective was to find out what kind of alcoholic drinks Mainers make out of Moxie soda. I found one drink, the New Englander.

Country United States
Flavors Herbal
Proof 0 (0%)

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