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Aquavit (also called akvavit or akevitt) is a distilled beverage flavored with caraway seeds, coriander, fennel, anise, and dill. Different producers use different combinations of flavorings, but usually caraway is the dominant flavor. The spirit is usually bottled at 80 proof.

The color of aquavit can vary from clear to light amber depending on how much the spirit has been aged in oak. The name comes from the Latin words aqua vitae, meaning "water of life".

Aquavit comes from the Scandinavian countries, most notably Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. It is drunk as a digestif to ease digestion of rich or fatty foods, especially during holidays such as Christmas.

Aquavit is usually drunk as a shot -- sometimes to avoid as much as possible the raw flavor. Finer aquavits are usually sipped. A tradition in the Scandinavian countries is to drink aquavit with appetizers before a meal. The appetizers are usually pickled or smoked fish. Aquavit also seems to go well with a beer back.

Flavors Savory
Proof 80 (40%)

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