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Chambord liqueur is a black raspberry flavored liqueur produced in the Loire region of France.  Red and black raspberries are stepped twice in spirits to extract color and flavor from them.  Then they are crushed to extract as much juice as possible.  The two steeping spirits, the juice, honey, citrus peel, vanilla bean, Cognac, and additional ingredients are all blended together to create Chambord raspberry liqueur.

The profile of Chambord liqueur is fruity with deep raspberries flavors, slight vanilla hints, and jammy sweetness.  The sweetness is not cloying and the texture is not thick or syrupy.  Because Chabord is a relatively low strength fruit-based liqueur, you will want to use the bottle within four or five months or decant into a smaller container to prevent oxidation if you want to go longer than that.

What do you like to mix with your Chambord or do you just drink it straight?


Brand Chambord
Country France
Flavors Fruity
Retail Price $32 / 750 ml
Proof 33 (16.5%)

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