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Bombay Dry Gin

Long overshadowed by its Sapphire brother, Bombay Dry Gin gives you a more balanced gin experience. It uses eight botanicals instead of Sapphire's ten. These botanicals are blended to produce a solid, versatile gin with no one botanical dominating the others. This makes Bombay Dry Gin flexible enough to be used in gin and tonics, martinis with twists or olives, rickeys, stingers, and many more drinks.

Though Bombay Dry is clean with fertile flavors, you don't have an extremely delicate gin here that you need to fear overpowering with strong mixers. So go ahead and mix it with juice, or throw it in some sangria.

It is a shame that such a adaptable gin is barely noticed alongside the highly marketed Bombay Sapphire.



Clear. Lemon/lime along with fresh, fragrant botanicals such as coriander and cassia in the nose. Teases on the palate at first, then opens with dry citrus peel and juniper. This is followed by anise and a snappy burn. No particular botanical dominates in this sturdy, straight ahead style. Tasted 8/25/2008.

Brand Bombay
Country England
Retail Price $19 / 750 ml
Proof 86 (43%)

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