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Antigua Cruz Anejo Tequila

Antigua Cruz Anejo Tequila was a gift a friend of mine brought back from Mexico.  This Tequila has a beautiful, compact bottle that looks different than anything I was seeing on my local liquor store shelf.  I tried it mostly neat, but also made a few Margaritas with it.  This anejo spends 18 months in oak.



Pale amber color. Strong aromas of leather, vanilla, lemon, and pineapple. Restrained and silky at first on the palate, then opens slowly with warm heat, some cooked agave and herbal flavors, along with grassy notes. Then a wave of acidity turns the heat nicely prickly. A heavy oak structure yields faint bourbon notes. Some lip puckering tannins at the end. Fairly long finish. An oak forward anejo with the fruit in the background.  Tasted 12/16/2007.

Brand Antigua Cruz
Country Mexico
Proof 80 (40%)

Flavor Profile

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