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Torani Amer

Torani Amer is an aperitif made in the style of Amer Picon, a French amaro that is impossible to find in the United States. Fortunately, Torani Amer fills the gap with its bitter orange, gentian, and cinchona bark notes. It also is made at the full 78 proof that Amer Picon used to be made at (it has dropped to 42 proof).

If you are ever in San Francisco or the surrounding area you'll see Torani Amer among the bottles in bars.  The Torani company is based there and local drink Picon Punch is made with it.  If you like the drink bring some Torani Amer back home with you because it's not widely available in the rest of the U.S.  Also, it's pretty cheap averaging less than half the cost of a similar amaro such as Averna.

I have not tried Torani Amer yet but it is on my list of bottles to acquire.  For now I am using the Amaro CioCiaro substitute listed on this site.

Brand Torani
Country United States
Flavors Bitter, Fruity
Retail Price $11 / 750 ml
Proof 78 (39%)

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