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Appleton Estate 21 Year Rum

I just had a big glass of Appleton Estate 21 Year Rum to celebrate my birthday, and I had to write down what I experienced. This is probably the best rum I've ever had up to this point. One way to describe this rum is that it keeps going and going. On your palate, this rum delivers layer after layer of complexity.

But before you even take a sip, you have aromas of macadamia nuts and wet earth--like you're in a cellar or a wood paneled library in a 300 year old English manor house. Then you have intense spice on the palate--cinnamon and other dark baking spices. It's like sucking on a good cinnamon stick. Even with all these aromas and flavors percolating in your nose and on your palate, Appleton 21 still has a very round, velvet mouth feel.

There are spikes of oak, spice, and other flavors, but the overall structure is balanced and smooth. You get to experience the sip you take for quite a long time. You're rewarded with about a five minute finish. Appleton 21 lingers in the roof and sides of your mouth. If you are lucky enough to try Appleton 21, be sure to let it breathe a bit before you drink it. Because this rum is so concentrated and tight at first, it helps to let it open up, especially if you are opening a new bottle. Swirl it in the glass, swish it on your palate. Take your time.



Reddish amber in color. A nose of perfume, pine, dates, peaches, cloves, and orange peel. Measured, smooth opening that blossoms into a rich mouthfeel. Overall remains medium in body. Raisin, silky oak, lemon, and spice notes. On the back of the palate, transitions to leather, some smoke, licorice, and smooth, warm heat. There is a lot going on here--complex with several layers. Tails with hints of jasmine, rice pudding, and green tea with a long 3-4 minute finish. Tasted 5/6/2007.

Brand Appleton Estate
Country Jamaica
Retail Price $120 / 750 ml
Proof 80 (40%)

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