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Dewar's Signature Scotch Whisky

Dewar's Signature is the top of the Dewar's blended Scotch line. It is a blend of over 20 malts and two to three grain whiskies. One of these malts is a very old Aberfeldy along with others that are up to 20 to 30 years old. This whisky is aged in used oak casks an additional 6-9 months after blending to gain extra smoothness and balance.

Try Dewar's Signature neat along with some high quality vanilla or cinnamon ice cream. They complement each other quite nicely.



Deep golden amber color. Fruity aromas of raisins, toffee, apples, and vanilla. The aromas have some brandy notes and are round, rich, and complex. Short stretch of dryness, then dried fruit sweetness, cereal, and brandied raisin notes. Then dries out a little with baking spice and dark chocolate. A long multi-minute finish. Extraordinary complexity in layers with fruit and creaminess in front along with a well integrated spicy oak structure. Tasted 9/12/2008.

Brand Dewar's
Country Scotland
Retail Price $140 / 750 ml
Proof 86 (43%)

Flavor Profile

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