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Shakespeare Vodka

This is a Polish rye vodka that is distilled four times. It is very smooth--the heat is there but it is quite restrained. The initial fruitiness is quite pleasant and it is balanced nicely by the anise at the back of the palate. This vodka is one you'll want to try with minimal interference from mixers--straight, in a martini, or on the rocks. If you drink it in a martini, try a lemon twist instead of an olive to further enhance the fruit notes.



Clear. Pine, cotton candy, and floral aromas. Laid back and silky at first. Then cantaloupe notes lead to mild fruity sweetness quickly followed by dry spice. The vodka reluctantly opens into a warm, though subdued burn, then fading with some star anise. About a 30 second finish. A fruity style with some rye body to back it up. Tasted 8/23/2008.

Brand Shakespeare
Country Poland
Retail Price $26 / 750 ml
Proof 80 (40%)

Flavor Profile

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