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Kelt XO Cognac

Just like the VSOP, the XO is given Tour de Monde treatment by Kelt. This means the cognac is shipped around the world in oak barrels. According to Kelt, long ago, all cognac was shipped this way instead of in inert glass bottles. The constant rolling of the ship means the cognac molecules come in contact with the wood hundreds of times a day. Also, the varying pressure and temperature causes the wood to expand and contract which leads to evaporation (the angel's share) and some oxygenation resulting in a smoother more mellow product.



Deep amber color. Strong aromas of vanilla bean, custard, citrus zest, apple strudel, and baking spices. Restrained at first on the palate with a glycerin-smooth softness. Then cinnamon bark, orange peel, and toffee notes, with acidity and heat kick that opens up the spirit. Rounds out with iodine, minerals, and dates accompanied by oaky spice. Prickly heat dances on the palate for a long 3-4 minute finish. Initial softness and mellow honeyed sweetness transforms into nice acidity, spice, heat and oak. A rollercoaster for the senses. Tasted 8/4/2008.

Brand Kelt
Country France
Retail Price $130 / 750 ml
Proof 80 (40%)

Flavor Profile

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