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Jaguar Vodka

By traditional definition, Jaguar vodka is a rum since it is made from sugar cane. Jaguar is much sweeter and fruitier than a vodka made from grain, potatoes, or rye. Dry vodka aficionados will want to take this into account before trying Jaguar.

If you approach Jaguar as a rum, you will be pleased. The flavor profile above is for Jaguar vodka. Looking at Jaguar as a rum, the flavor profile would be Body 3, Sweet 2.5, Acidity 2, Dried Fruit 1, Fresh Fruit 1.5, Spice 0.5, Oak 0, Heat 3.



Clear. Minerals, orange peel, and cane notes in the aroma. Smooth and subdued first on the palate, then opens slowly with more mineral notes, some caramel, slight sweetness, and allspice. A bit of acidity balances the sweetness, then a nice, balanced burn at the end. A heavy body for a vodka, medium body for a rum. This is technically a rum, and the flavors and aromas bear this out. Tasted 12/24/2007.

Brand Jaguar
Country Barbados
Retail Price $27 / 750 ml
Proof 80 (40%)

Flavor Profile

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