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Havana Club 15 Year Gran Reserva Rum



Brownish amber color. Rustic aromas of lime peel, dates, raisins, minerals, chalk, and dark chocolate billow from the glass. Velvety on the palate at first, then opens rather quickly with big flavors that mirror the aromas (this doesn't happen most of the time in my experience). Notes of raisins, bananas, kiwi, and caramel. There is a light oak structure (especially for a 15 year old rum) and snappy acidity to balance the dried fruit flavors. Delicate and floral towards the end, tailing with slight toffee notes and glycerin. Very smooth with about a two minute finish. Tasted 10/11/2007.

Brand Havana Club
Country Cuba
Proof 80 (40%)

Flavor Profile

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