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Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix

This is the bottled Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix used to make the famous Hurricane you will find in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  This stuff is extremely sweet and and needs copious amounts of ice and rum to make a palatable drink.  But that's what you will find at Pat O'Briens--watch when they make the drink.  There is the requisite 4 oz of rum.  But notice they pack ice into the glass.  When a fair amount of that ice has provided some dilution, a Hurricane will lose the hyper sweetness it starts with and start to mellow out a bit.  

Make sure you do the same at home when you use Pat O'Briens Hurricane Mix to make your Hurricanes.  Plenty of cracked or crushed ice is a necessity to achieve the same experience you remember from the French Quarter.

Do you think this mix is too sweet and yearn for a homemade Hurricane?  Or are you like me in that sometimes you like to taste the same thing from where you had so much fun?  Let us know in the comments below.

Brand Pat O'Briens
Country United States
Retail Price $4.5 / 1000 ml
Proof 0 (0%)

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