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For the purposes of this site, recipes that specify beer are referring to a lager/pilsner beer such as Budweiser or Pilsner Urquell.  If an ale or other type of beer is intended it will be specified as such.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting the residual sugars in malted cereal grains, corn, rice, and other products.  It is the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea.  Beer is thought to be the first fermented beverage, probably being discovered by accidental fermentation of grain.

The typical ingredients for beer are water, yeast, hops, and grain whether malted barley or corn, rice, or other grain.  There is a huge variety of beer styles, strengths, colors, and flavor profiles.  But above all these variations there are two main categories of beer: lagers and ales.  

Lagers use a bottom-fermenting yeast and ferment at a colder temperature.  They are often lighter in color and less heavy on the palate.  Ales use a top-fermenting yeast which can ferment at room temperature.  They can be darker, heavier, and more full bodied than lagers.

Proof 10 (5%)

Drinks that use Beer