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Pusser's Rum

Long ago some pot stills were made of wood instead of copper.  The Royal Navy used to use wooden stills to produce the rum they used for their rum ration about Royal Navy vessels.  The wood stills soaked up a little of each batch and returned some of the character to each succeeding batch of rum.  This imparts a layer of complexity to the rum that a copper pot still cannot achieve.

Today the rum ration is gone but Pusser's rum is still made in those wooden stills.  It is a high strength navy rum with a very full flavor profile.  Pusser's rum even has some similarities to single malt Scotch.

The Painkiller is probably the most popular mixed drink that uses Pusser's rum.  It is a good drink with the big rum holding it's own against the cream of coconut and juices.

The Pusser's rum company has been in the news recently due to a lawsuit against a New York City bar called Painkiller.  Pusser's has trademarked that name in the U.S. so the bar was forced to change their name to PKNY.  This has caused Pusser's a lot of blow back in the cocktail community.




 Tasted 6/11/2004.

Brand Pusser's
Country British Virgin Islands
Retail Price $23 / 750 ml
Proof 95.5 (47.75%)

Drinks that use Pusser's Rum