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Harvey Wallbanger

Shake vodka and orange juice briefly over ice. Pour into a Collins glass. Top with ice if necessary. Float Galliano on top.

Prep Time 1 minute
Servings 1
Category Highball
Tags 1933-1969 (Tiki to Martinis), 1969-1990 (Dark Ages), Classic, Morning Drink
Proof 28.5
Strength 1.3 standard drinks
Glass Collins Glass
Temp Cold

There are several versions of how this drink came about. One version is a guy named Harvey was pounding his head against the wall repeatedly the morning after a party in the 1960's. The host only had vodka, orange juice, and Galliano, so he mixed them all together. He named the drink after his suffering guest. Another version has a California surfer coming up with the drink.

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